Our trained lecturer has a number of non commercial loudspeaker design / developments under his belt and follows the developments in the industry in great detail, it has led him to believe that the laws of physics have not changed but marketing has.

The modern 7.1 sound systems are more about economics and ergonomics than good sound quality

Some of our standard lectures in our - Truth behind the Hype Series are given below, please contact us if you wish to set up a venue or would like a full outline of what is covered.

1 Loudspeaker Design the Basics -

Its all simple physics tied up in marketing jargon. An AV lecture discussing the issues associated with the design of a loudspeakers and the users perceptions. There is nothing new, the basic rules were defined as far back as 1945 and physics has not changed.

2 Loudspeaker Workshop -

Work your way through a design from the beginning - This lecture takes you through the step and studies the issues associated with the design of loudspeakers

3 Video -What is all the fuss about?

Hi Resolution has either massive compression or massive data rates, how is it achieved? What are the real important factors - Hi quality = 1080p or is it something else? This AV based lecture looks at resolution, compassion and data rates and gives the audience the information to establish their own views on whether 1080p is the most important factor.

4 Audio - Is audio more important than video?

We are all led to believe that video quality is all important - but is it? This lecture explores with AV support the issues for the audience to make up their own mind and the results may be unexpected.

5 Audio - Is record better than CD or MP3?

An AV demonstration of audio quality and a discussion of the issues of audio quality - is the weak link you?

Our trained lecturer can put together training or lectures on most parts of AV and would be happy to give in depth training on loudspeaker design and acoustics.


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