Acousticspace sets out to be different by design
We are an innovative team which understand our subject and offer the results as a service to our loyal customers in the form of excellent performance and an innovative approach.

Our main areas of specialism is

Audio Video Consultants - not everything is straight forward in AV technology and published literature does not always help, you need to know the basics to help with any project and have a good grasp of what is possible, many years of being imersed in the industry has always helped.

Transfer from old media to new - We have a fair quantity of legacy equipment and use computers to transfer and edit the files to any format required.

Acoustics and loudspeaker design - Our years of experience in the use of modelling and CAD software enable us to design and optimise custom speakers

Lectures - We are happy to give lectures on any of our specialist subjects

Disco and Events - Our love of music and some clever designs has enabled us to put together a mobile disco with excellent quality and an extensive selection of music plus some good DJing skills, and an all LED / Laser DMX lighting rig